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What We Do

Connecting Employers with the Right Candidates

We seek out the currently employed, not the chronically unemployed. We are very certain that you’ll appreciate the difference.

Find the Right Talent

Prequalify candidates and their interest

We may seek out dozens or hundreds of possible candidates, you only receive the ones that most closely match your needs.

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This is NOT a Job Board

We are way too talented for that. Ninjas stay on the offensive, hunting down proper targets and taking them down.

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Combat Hiring Blindness

We have nothing to hide here. Consider us the smartest match-making service out there. We are THE wingman for your next hire.

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So What Makes the Hiring Ninja
Recruitment Process Unique?

Great question! We use social media sites, forums, and employee directories to amass knowledge of our client’s prospects.

We have access to a vast number of contact databases of both business and personal user data that help to clarify the picture, providing many more options for outreach than what the “headhunter agencies” have available to them.

We are ninjas. That means we are cool. Also, silent hunters that have an arsenel of secret weapons at the ready. Also, we look good in black.



“The ninjas literally put our job application form in in the mobile phones of everyone at the conference. Our competitors were ticked! Way to piss them off, and have their best come to work for us!"

Another Happy Employer

"I honestly don't know how they did it. They were able to get me in touch with a prospect using their personal cell phone number and personal email address. How the (expletive) did they do that?"

(expletive) Happy Employer

"No waiting. That's what makes Hiring Ninjas different. They keep working their leads and actively engaging with them. Best damn offense I've ever seen"

Employer Thrilled With Results



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