About Hiring Ninja

Hiring quality personnel is job #1 for many corporate HR directors and recruiters. But in an environment of near full employment, how do businesses bent on growing above the curve find and acquire the talent necessary to achieve this continued growth?

Enter Hiring Ninja. A process, a toolset and a flow that attacks the root of this problem, and works to directly address job candidates. As an HR director or corporate recruiter, you’ll understand very quickly what makes Hiring Ninja different.

  • Zero upfront costs. You only pay when results are made. You are in charge of and control the entire field of play. We only win when you win.
  • Blind prospecting. Your competition won’t even know what hit them. Hiring Ninja will directly address candidates you select and we will nurture them until they are 100% ready to talk turkey.
  • Visibility on results. You’ll receive reporting on our efforts each week, so you’ll not hear any “we are still working on it” from any member of our team. You’ll SEE the results happening.
  • More affordable. The average cost of acquiring a new hire in 2019 is $4,000. We think that’s crazy high. Our rates are clear and consistently beat any rival staffing agency.

So, why hire the Ninjas?

Simple. We are different. Born out of the belly of Bash Foo, a digital marketing agency, we look at hiring prospects like acquiring hot business leads. We have the ability to mine from hundreds of thousands of additional data points that the agency headhunters only wished they had access to. From back doors to trap doors, Ninjas know the best way to address YOUR perfect job candidate, and get them dressed for success. So why not try us out? Remember Numero Uno, zero upfront costs. You only pay when you make an offer to that newly minted acolyte.