What is Sourcing as a Service

sourcing as a service

You might be wondering why you would need to outsource your candidate sourcing if you already have an internal recruiting team.

Here’s the skinny: Your recruiting team has bigger things to do.

Curating lists of candidates is one of the most tedious tasks in the recruiting field – finding the candidates, qualifying them, determining if they are truly in the job market…the list goes on. In some cases, recruiters spend as much as 50% of their time sourcing candidates!

Hiring a sourcing service to procure quality candidates takes the pressure off of your team, frees up their time, and allows them to focus on larger projects.

Companies of all different levels and sizes opt for third-party sourcing teams, including startups, internal and external recruiting teams, and hiring managers.

Here’s how outsourcing recruiting services can empower the hiring team to make better placement decisions for the entire company.

#1 Sourcing allows recruiters to focus on real candidates.

If your recruiters spend most of their days scanning LinkedIn and job boards for the ideal candidate, they will have little time to actually “recruit” them, let alone qualify them.

That’s where a sourcing service comes in handy. By having “pre-qualified” candidates in the hopper and ready for a recruiters first review, the pressure and distraction is off of the recruiter to hunt the candidate down.

Sourcing services provide lists of candidates with verified contact information and background details so you know exactly who you are getting in front of.

#2 Sourcing as a Service promotes efficiency.

Recruiters have a specific skill set: building relationships.

But, when it comes to sourcing, if recruiters are constantly stuck behind a computer researching and vetting potential candidates, they aren’t utilizing their talents, which isn’t a good thing for the company or them ...see the vicious cycle?

By employing a third-party sourcing service, recruiters spend their time getting to know future team members and focus on finding the right fit for a company’s culture and the job position.

#3 Sourcing services load up the pipeline.

Have you ever had a well of potential candidates run dry? It’s a nightmare for every recruiter and hiring manager, but it happens.

But utilizing a sourcing service prevents the need to start from scratch searching for a candidate. When there’s a glitch in the hiring phase, recruiters simply return to the list of candidates procured for that position and carry on!

But, how does the process work?

Sourcing services track down names and contact information for qualified candidates who are looking for the job openings that you want to hire for.

Doesn’t that sound like a piece of cake?

There are three general steps to sourcing as a service:

1. Identify your ideal candidate. This can be a short form or questionnaire to determine the exact candidate you are looking for, immediately disqualifying anyone who does not meet the criteria for the position or culture.

2. Within a few days, you will receive matching profiles to review against your ideal candidate. At this time, you provide feedback to your service provider to continue to narrow down the search.

3. Then, your team will receive a full list of qualified profiles (with contact information) which you can reach out to and begin the hiring process.

Generally speaking, the lists of qualified candidates are procured by the sourcing teams and contain verified contact information and background details.

The sourcing experts are cross-trained as recruiters. With this training, experts can quickly and efficiently pre-screen candidates, generate hype for job positions…. And you can trust them to get the job done.

If you are interested in learning more about hiring a sourcing service, reach out to us today.