What We Do

Making Mr. Miyagi proud since 1999 is a difficult task, but we believe you’ll quickly understand why.

We Know People
Selling ice to eskimos is what we do. While you probably spent at least 20 minutes pulling together that job description, our team spends dozens of hours each month scouring through databases, lurking in social media circles, and slapping invisible geofence tags on people’s phones without them even knowing about it. Whoops. Forget we said that last part.

We address them; where they are comfy
We like to find people who are already employed, and offer them better digs. YOUR digs to be specific. The thing about that is, lots of folks can get defensive and even recoil if you pitch them a new job while they are busy doing head down stuff for their current task-master. Using their personal email address, social media handles, and SMS-enabled mobile phone is so much more easy going. And heck, this process sometimes makes them feel special about themselves because you cared to send the very best. Ninja.

How much does a Ninja cost?
Depends. Ha! Gotcha!
Ninjas actually think that Depends only belong on incontinent seniors and those chubby Sumo wrestling types.

  1. ZERO Upfront Cost. We get to work immediately. We know where you live. And we are ninjas, so… We will review your job listing and then work with you to develop a Talent Persona. This will clear up exactly who you want for the job. We go after JUST THAT type of person. No dead leads, no boring intermissions, we get to the good stuff quick.
  2. Bounty Cost. We will let you know how many candidates (leads) we’ve found based on your Talent Persona. We will have graded them based on their suitability. You select the ones you’d like contact information for, and pay the very affordable “Bounty”. For most hiring managers, that’s it they like to narrow the field from there.
  3. Concierge Service. Don’t have any time to even talk with these hot new prospects? Great! We will talk to them for you and narrow the field down to 1-2 top candidates. We’ll ask them all those boring questions, and give you an executive transcript of our conversations. Then, all you’ll have to do is select the candidate you like the best, and make an offer.
  4. Recurring / Retainer Service. Don’t like to hire ANYONE at your organization? We’ve seen that. Poor Tom the Associate Finance Director gets to hire all the employees doesn’t he? And Tom hates his life. We get it! Let us do all the work, iron out all the details and you’ll pay us a fraction of what old Tom is currently making to feel miserable.

Most agencies charge 20-35%. Why are your ninjas so affordable? 
Hiring Ninja is a collection of really talented marketing folks, who know how to go out and get great leads for our clients. We aren’t trying to conquer the world with fees that we charge you, just want to make sure our staff of crack ninjas have enough pizza and beer to keep ’em happy. We don’t have any commissioned sales people, we don’t charge exorbitant fees and feel our rates per lead processed¬† is very much a value.

Also, we aren’t trying to pretend to be a professional hiring outfit. We won’t be drug testing your candidates, doing Meyers Briggs on them, or calling their former employers, we think you are totally up for that stuff. Don’t you agree? Great! Give us a call! 937-912-4519